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Avengers Infinity War Review (100% SPOILER FREE)

100% SPOILER FREE REVIEW…….Tears, sadness, introspection and solemnity are words that are not often associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU).  Action, excitement, bravery and sacrifice are associated with it; and none of the previously mentioned are in short supply in “Avengers: Infinity War. ”(AIW)  The latest cinematic outing from Marvel Studios and directors Anthony and Joe Russo is a bundle of action packed, super powered mayhem.  It leaves any viewer and fan of the MCU for the first time with a real sense of loss.  Without going too far into details, I would suggest if there is an ounce of care in your body be prepared to part with what could be some of your screen favorites.  Good news?  There are a ton of your heroes in this movie.  The bad news is that they do not all make it out alive.  It is called the Avengers after all.  It is for that very reason that this outing (the 19th) threatens to climb the charts like no other movie this year save for the Black Panther.  The directors successfully interspersed action with levity in a way that Thor: Raganarok could not.  While the humor was too over bearing and over the top in that title, I found myself actually laughing out loud more than I have in a non-comedic movie in a long time.  Thanos, long familiar to comic book fans and maybe newly so to those that are not, embodies the greatest threat that any of the Avengers has ever faced.   The best part of Thanos was that he was not one dimensional.  There were facets to his character and reasons for his nihilistic behavior beyond the usual “I am evil and I want to destroy the universe” that you see from most super powered villains.  The writers and directors thankfully were right on point in portraying the appropriate level of malice and danger associated with him.   This seems like a small thing but does not always get done properly.  Case in point in the movie Iron-Man 3, the villain The Mandarin was badly flawed.  In a plot twist of hugely disappointing fashion, any of the danger associated with this character in the comics was completely turned on its head and thrown out the proverbial window when it was revealed that he was actually just an actor portraying a role and not the real villain.  This was NOT the case in the comics where he was a super powered antagonist to Tony Stark/Iron-Man.  It left most viewers of Iron-Man 3 feeling duped.  There is none of the in (AIW).  Thanos is as bad as they come and wastes no time in proving as such.  He gets into a battle with the Hulk in the opening scenes and goes toe to toe with him without breaking a sweat.  As most Marvel fans know, there is not any being nearly as strong as the Hulk and can go at him from a purely physical standpoint…especially when he is angry!  Viewers are treated to action throughout this movie.  If anyone does not like it, they’ll never be able to honestly say it was because they were bored or because of a lack in action.  There were battles from beginning to end and each of the Avengers got to showcase their unique abilities.  From the streets of New York to the plains of Wakanda, the directors did a great job of keeping the settings and action flowing while sacrificing nothing in the way of story.  This all brings me to things that we are not use to seeing.  In order to advance the story in this movie and also the next phase of the MCU there needed to be movement and sacrifice.  I can only guess that the contracts of some of the actors along with perhaps their age and what I would speculate is some desire to do other roles will lead to some perhaps never donning the costumes ever again.  It is a shame, but in a sense it is the right thing to do because if you know there is no danger and no chance of loss, why have an emotional investment if you know they will always be there?   The trick for the makers of this movie is if you are going to bring some characters back, how do you do it without losing credibility.  The nineteenth movie in the MCU was a very strong effort and a must see.  Not because it was the best of them all but because it was different from the rest and establishes what could be the next phase of the MCU with drastic changes and perhaps roles to

never be played again.


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