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Bethesda Reacts to Beta Results

I will preface this article by talking about Bethesda’s latest response to many issues that were discovered during the beta so you all recognize what is happening going into the launch and what to expect before launching if you do decide to get the game. There will be another article at a later date probably post launch specifically the weekend after launch (November 17-18) that I will provide an official review on the game as it has been released. I will say that Bethesda expects to improve the game well past the launch date, so all previously discovered bugs will not be fixed by launch. At this time prior to launch, all I can say for certain is the beta has run smoothly for me and I have not personally experienced any bugs. Nor have I run into any PvP players, although I know there are some out there.

Hacking/Exploitable Mod Concerns

Bethesda has already addressed this in leu of previously being known for heavily moddable games. They will not tolerate hacking/cheating in any way. I do not know if they have an anti-cheat system in the works or have one already implemented but this is somewhat refreshing to know. There have already been cases where there were hacks used during the beta and in all honesty, there are hacking opportunities in most online games so it’s to be expected to a certain degree. I would wait to purchase this title until after it is discovered for sure whether they have an anti-cheat system or wait until there are private servers introduced, if and when they get introduced.

Stash Size

Bethesda has stated they plan to increase the stash size at a later date but have no plans to do so immediately after launch or in the near future. This issue is a bit of a hot topic because for simplicities sake you will fill it up quite fast. I am a hoarder when it comes to most single player games and especially the Fallout series, so it comes to no surprise that when a stash only has a 400weight limit that there were going be issues. In one three-hour beta test phase I filled up half my stash (200 weight) with crafting ingredients. Take it as you may. As in the original games, you could always increase your characters carry limit so if you are a hoarder like myself you may want to invest in these early if you are lucky to get the correct perk cards. I say this because perks are handled a bit differently compared to other Fallout games. I will explain more about the perk system in my following article but for a basic overview, there is no skill tree. You get a card pack every two levels until you reach level 10. After level 10 you get a card pack every five levels. Every card pack has a total of 4 random perk cards in them. Do not worry about it too much cards can be added and removed from your active loadout at any time.


Case and point, there is no push-to-talk feature. Your mic will be open 24/7 unless you turn the in-game VoIP off. Bethesda has stated they wanted conversation to occur naturally, as they want you to make new friendships easier by just being able to walk up to someone and start talking. What I have experienced is similar and different. It does make conversation quite easy however, I have experienced more negative than positive. Every time I tried to listen to a holotape there seemed to be someone talking in the background often louder or breathing heavily. Also, there is an audio icon that lights up next to your nameplate when you speak and can be seen through terrain which makes it even easier to hunt you if the other party’s interest is PvP. After much backlash, push-to-talk will be implemented but may not be in by launch. Streamers beware this lack of feature will be a big issue if you actively respond to your stream chat. There is a slight work around in the way that if you join a party you can change a setting to register team mode only which will only allow you to communicate with your party.

FOV Slider

Will not exist, there are concerns from Bethesda development that an increase of FOV will cause clipping issues making it a potential exploit for those that wish to partake in PVP.

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