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Black Panther is Here to Stay!

Black Panther?!?!? What can I say that hasn't already been said!?  It...was...AMAZING!!  It's quite possibly the best Superhero movie since...Well, since forever.  It would not be a stretch to say that it is in the pantheon of the masterpiece "The Dark Knight."  Yes, it's that good!  Chadwick Boseman, who plays T'challa the king of the fictional and  technologically advanced African kingdom of Wakanda, oozes an easy going leading man appeal.  Boseman has already established himself as a capable actor when he earnestly played Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play Major League baseball in the 20th century. Black Panther has a strong ensemble of actors that while not all are considered A-listers, all bring heft and weight to their respective roles.  That is saying a lot for a superhero movie.  What this movie, (directed so epically by Ryan Coogler who was also the director of award winning movie Fruitvale Station) does well is weave the special effects of  a blockbuster with the headiness and smarts of a smaller story oriented film.  The supporting cast headed by Micheal P. Jordan, Lupita Nyongo, Dani Gurira(Michonne of The Walking Dead), Andy Serkis and Angela Bassett all embrace their roles to an extent that seems like they we're each born to play these characters.  The casting director deserves an Academy Award.  Serkis, of Planet of the Apes fame, is so delicious as evil Arms dealer Ulysses Klaw, one would have liked to have seen him have an even bigger role.  Women have such a prominent part in this movie but it does not feel forced at all.  It's just kind of happenstance.  Like most Marvel movies there is some levity thrown in, but it does not overwhelm the story like I felt like it did in the highly disappointing last Thor outing. It had it's place in Black Panther and was an effective pallette cleanser that some action movies sorely  need at times.  I'm disappointed in only one thing with this movie and it has nothing to do with the movie itself but instead with the "controversy' surrounding it.  Why are people protesting something that is supposed to be escapism and entertainment.  This movie is and should be for ALL people.  It just happens to have a majority African American cast and was directed by an African American.  So what people.!?  I say  enjoy a fine piece of movie making that shouldn't be looked at through the prism of identity politics but instead through the lens of a great piece of American film m

aking that people of all colors should and ARE enjoying at a record breaking pace.  Trust Troy on this one!  I give Black Panther five stars on a five star scale.  An epic romp that is deservedly making history for all the right reasons!


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