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Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool 2 is ribald, raunchy and completely and unapologetically obscene. The “Merc with a mouth” pulls no punches in the second outing for the wildly popular mutant antihero. Ryan Reynolds second time as Deadpool is action packed, and ridiculously over the top. For the uninitiated, Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) is a mutant with a superhuman healing ability which renders him effectively invulnerable. He is also a trained martial artist and marksman whose abilities seem to be enhanced by his mutant powers. The thing that makes Deadpool unique in comics and really prevalent in the movies is his penchant for breaking the “fourth wall” and speaking directly to the audience. This is used to some effect in the comic-books and used even more comically in both of the first two film installments of this series. In Deadpool 2, Wilson is living some semblance of a normal domestic life with his love Vanessa played by the always gorgeous Morenna Baccarin from “Homeland” and “V “fame. By day he is the doting boyfriend but at night he is a mercenary who tracks down bad guys and executes them with aplomb and humor. Wade and his girlfriend are at home planning the next phase of their domestic bliss, when they are attacked by one of his numerous targets. Without giving too much of the plot away, we see Wade attempt to track down those responsible for the attack. During his quest for revenge and through some personal suffering, he ends up at the old X-men mansion where Colossus from the original X-men is attempting to pull Wade together literally and figuratively after yet another violent physical “death” that Wade suffers. As an aside, be on the lookout for some extremely quick and subtly humorous cameos here. In the process of his healing, he agrees to “join” the remaining members of the X-men on a temporary status. They are on a mission to save a young man at a mutant orphanage who doesn’t have full control of his powers and has lashed out destructively. He does this, we learn later, because of the abuse he has suffered at the hands of the sadistic authorities at the orphanage. Wade, and the young man named Collins who goes by the name Firefist are arrested because Wade kills one of those responsible for the abuse. Wade and Collins end up having a power suppressors placed on them that throttle their mutant abilities and then are placed in a facility specifically designed to handle jailed mutants. A soldier from the future named Cable, played by Josh Brolin, travels back in time to kill Collins. Cable knows that the Collins from the future kills scores of people along with his (Cables) family. During the struggle in the prison, the power suppresor placed on Wade is broken and his powers return. He escapes from the prison. Now outside, Wade forms a group of mutants called the Xforce to try and save Collins who is now headed to another facility via a prison transfer convoy from Cable. Collins in the meantime helps release another dangerous mutant named Juggernaut to try and get him to assist Collins kill the headmaster at the mutant orphanage. In their effort to save the boy, Wade is injured in a fight with Juggernaut, who is virtually unstoppable with brute strength and whose powers are derived from his helmet. Wade goes home to recover after getting defeated by Juggernaut and literally being torn in half. During his recovery, Wade gets Cable to agree to help him stop Collins from killing in the future by way of his time travel device. The thinking is if they stop him from killing the headmaster, he will not become murderous in the future. Without saying too much more, I would say the best part of the whole movie was the uproarious third act and the resolution with the headmaster as well as the mid credits scene that is told with typical Deadpool humor. It may not necessarily leave a lot of Easter eggs for future movies but it is worth the wait. Deadpool was a fine movie. It isn’t one of my favorites but if you liked the first you’ll love this one. It was a solid all around hit with moments of hilarity and will strike a chord especially with fans of Deadpool. Overall not a fave of mine but it’s certainly worth a watch.


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