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Thanos is Coming Back!

Updated: May 8, 2018

“Avengers: Infinity War”(AIW) has dropped with the mythological explosion of Thor’s hammer and rolled into record breaking territory with an opening five day haul of $305.8 million. The popularity exceeded even my lofty expectations, so it begs the question; where does Marvel go from here? Without giving much of the plot away for the benefit of anyone that hasn’t seen it, Marvel has some cinematic contortions to go through to credibly bring back characters that appear to have met their demise. I’m not giving anything away that anyone that pays any attention to the MCU has not figured out by now. People die. Popular characters die. There are shockingly unpredictable deaths, and one does begin to wonder if characters that we’ve grown to love and appreciate will ever be on the big screen again. The main villain in the movie, Thanos, is a murderous planet destroyer and has no qualms with mass extinction. While deciding the fate of others is easy for Thanos, deciding the fate of the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is not so simple. The producers have some real decisions to make, and some I’m sure have already been made. If you pay attention to the news coming out in regards to the continuing of different separate offshoots of the Avengers franchise, fans can take heart in knowing that not everyone that dies in this movie is actually cinematically “dead.” That doesn’t really, however, answer whether or not the actors that play these characters will be back. If a change in actors is afoot, does Marvel risk alienating the very fan base that they have been so effective in cultivating? The more important point, however, is will fans accept a credibility straining return of these very characters or are they willing to sacrifice believability for the comfort of knowing their chosen favorites are back. I think what will really be a giveaway on the direction the producers of the MCU are taking will be with the upcoming release of the sequel to Deadpool. While the Ryan Reynolds led movie isn’t generally accepted as a part of the MCU, there are rumors that after Disney purchased the film rights to all the characters of 20th Century Fox, there would eventually be a way to tie in characters that aren’t now a part of it. I’m sure it will not be in time to be a part of the current “Infinity War” story line that will continue in the next installment in 2019, but that could be a way to give the writers and producers a way out that will not peeve off too many fans of Marvel. There are several directions they can go with the acquisition of X-men who are actually a part of Marvel but whose film rights were owned by Sony previously. Whatever direction is taken, it’s sure to still be an enjoyable time going to the movies for the foreseeable future. Marvel has successfully monetized their characters in a way that DC could only dream about as they push forward with their own franchise plans.


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